Global Jaya International School

Emerald Boulevard Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX Tangerang, 15224
T: +62-21 7457562
F: +62-21 7457561

Head of School
Chris Chambers

Community Liaison Manager
Natya Ayu Candrika Ramaniya

Age Group
Kindy-Reception (4 - 6 years)
Years 1-6 (6 - 12 years)
MYP (12 - 16 years)
IB/Graduating class (16 - 18 years)

Average Number of Pupils/Class
Kindy - Year 2 (18 - 24 students)
Year 3 - Year 12 (20 - 24students)

School Terms/Semesters
1st term (July - October)
2nd term (October - December)
3rd term (January - March)
4th term (March - June)

School Fee Range
Rp. 24.000.000 - Rp.96.000.000

Entry Requirements
English, Math and General Assessment

Curriculum Basis


General Information

Established in 1995, Global Jaya International School (GJIS) is regarded as one of the leading schools in Jakarta. Catering to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, GJIS accepts students from 4 to 18 years of age. Global Jaya International School is authorized to implement all three International Baccalaureate programmes (PYP, MYP and DP). The school is registered with the Indonesian Department of Education asan International School and is also accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC - USA).

The vision of Global Jaya International School is to facilitate the development of life-long learners who:
• are creative problem solvers with a broad perspective of the world around them
• act as respectful, moral individuals, taking pride in their national heritage
• are equipped to participate in the international community as team members and leaders.

We believe that all teachers are teachers of language. All students are explicitly taught in English and Bahasa Indonesia.Specialist teachers teach Mandarin, Spanish and Korean. Students can also take classes in French or German languages.

Student Profile

Students at GJIS undertake a journey which develops their skills so that they are equipped to be come leaders in the 21st Century. The school curriculum is delivered based on the latest pedagogical research and is under pinned by the key attributes of the IB Learner Profile. These are incorporated into the Expected School wide Learning Results, which are:

• Critical Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Effective Communication
• Collaborative Working
• Self-Directed Learning
• Global Citizenship

Global Jaya International School also encourages the development of creativity and entrepreneurial skills whilst expecting all students to undertake community service programmes. All Secondary School students undertake community service activities each year. These activities range from working inorphanages and teaching at local Primary schools, to working with the blind or disabled.Literally anything is possible as the social service activities are driven by the students themselves. A team of teachers monitors the community service programmes to ensure all students safely meet the desired outcomes.

The school has extensive facilities that support programmes for academic, artistic and sporting excellence. GJIS is committed to encouraging students to participate in a wide variety of academic and sports competitions at local, regional and international levels. An extensive range of After-School Activities provides further potential for a broad educational experience.

A series of Entrepreneurial Studies courses are designed to develop business acumen from an early age. Students are encouraged to venture into the world of business through a continuum of activities and competitions that simulate real-life experiences which help them to hone their entrepreneurial mindset.

Global Jaya International School is continually upgrading its facilities to enhance the learning of all students. The latest improvement is the opening of The Performing and Visual Arts Centre. The eye-catching red façade of the Arts Centre is symbolic of the school’s motto: Gateway To The World. Students and visitors pass through the doors into a spacious foyer that also serves as a gallery for art exhibitions.  The Theatre has a seating capacity of 670 and a stage measuring 9 x 18 meters, making it one of the largest theatres in the country. A state of the art sound system and eco-friendly LED stage lighting make it an excellent venue for a wide variety of performances.

Classrooms, art studios and recording studios, designed in a cooperative effort between teachers and the architect, guarantee learning spaces that support the special requirements of the different areas of The Arts offered at GJIS. Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Visual Art, Drama, Theatre Management, Sound & Lighting, Music Technology, Documentary and Film Making and Film Studies are all explored in a unique setting whose function and purpose is to bring out the best in all our students. GJIS also holds regular social and educational events throughout the year that allow students to expand their horizons. Examples of these events include:

• Art Exhibition – this is organized by the Year 12 IB Diploma Visual Art students to display their creative talents.

• Drama and Musical Productions – these are regular events on the school calendar which embrace the creative arts. • Cultural Exchange – Our students travel within Indonesia and overseas to experience a variety of cultures and customs. Destinations include Padang, Bali, Yogyakarta, Kuningan, Beijing, Manila, Australia and the USA.

• Cultural Visit to Ukraine – this year GJIS has been invited to visit the Ukraine in a mission to introduce a select variety of Indonesian traditional dances and folksongs to public audiences in the Ukraine.

• National History Day – started in the United States and spreading across international schools in Asia, this is a worldwide competition in which over 700,000 students participate. Students are required to conduct detailed primary and secondary research, just as an actual professional historian would have to do before they submit their history project.

• Model United Nations – students participate with other schools from across the globe in a simulation of the United Nations.

• World Scholar’s Cup – after attending the regional round in Jakarta, teams of students qualified for the Global Round in Bangkok last year. Students were also invited to join the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions in Yale University in the USA. This year GJIS co-hosted the regional round in Jakarta. The World Scholar’s Cup is a global, co-curricular, enrichment activity-based competition for students aged 11 to 19. It consists of debates, a scavenger hunt, a quiz bowl, collaborative writing and more; this event attracts teams from over 30 countries.

• International Sports Meets – this involves competition in a variety of sports between GJIS and other international schools from across Asia Pacific.

• School link programme with Kilvington Grammar School, Melbourne Australia – GJIS has just established a bilateral cooperation with the school for future exchange programmes.

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